Pancakes, parties and pilot whales

It has been too long ago that I wrote a message, so this will be a very long one. The photo’s I’ve added to this blog are devided by date. In the first picture of a certain date, I wrote the date in the title, so it will be clear which pictures belong to which story.

September, 26th
What do you do when you got the task to cook and you’re very hungry for pancakes? Right, making pancakes! That is exactly what Sanne and I were thinking about. Four packs of flour, about thirty eggs, gallons of milk, four hours and 23 happy volunteers later, I couldn’t see any pancake anymore. Luckily we got help from Aron, otherwise we still would be making pancakes.

September, 27th
Volunteers come and go. And with some of them you have a click and you’ll build a friendship with them in a very short time. When such a volunteer have to leave, you’ll give a goodbye party. That’s what we have done before Lara left. I should say: look at the pictures, no words needed right?

September, 28th
I have called for years: “Me on a horse? Neverevernowayatall!” And then the question came who wanted to go for horseriding. Well, shall I give it a try? And yes, a week after that question, the moment was there: Lieke was sitting on the back of a horse. But Lieke also forgot that Tenerife is not as flat as the Netherlands are. There we went, through the mountains. The first five minutes where about the worst ones from my whole placement until now, but after that, it went better every moment. I began to feel the horse’s movements and he began to feel mine. And gosh, actually horse riding is not that bad at all! If I wanted to try to trot: well, okay, why not? Even that went better than I could have suspected. Still I secretly was a little happy when I got both feet on the floor again. Until there the first picture of this series. Since the horse riding trip was through the mountains, nobody of us (us = Sanne, Raisa, Wibe and me) took a camera with them, so we don’t have pictures of the real riding. After the horse riding, we cuddled with the dogs of the stables and we took lots of pictures then. That’s the reason the pictures of horse riding are particularly pictures without horses.

In the evening, Aron and Wibe discovered a new chill-out place: the roof. (In the meanwhile I also was there. I needed the hour we were on the roof to revive from climbing up. Two hours after coming down again, my legs were still shaking from the climb down. I will omit the details, otherwise my mum will scream :P)
We also said goodbye to Carolin, who left in the following night.

September, 29th
No long story, just watch the pictures :)

September, 30th – October, 2nd
Finally, weekend! Friday night we went to Oasis, a nice and not too busy cocktail bar. On Saturday I had the fourth dive from my diving course and on Sunday I had my theoretical exam. I passed it, so that means that I have my diving certificate after my last dive on next Sunday!
And by the way, if you find an old First Aid kit, you can have lots of fun. Especially if there are monkey plasters in it.

October 3rd
The Katrin is a tiny wooden boat. And I discovered yesterday that this boat is one of the nicest boats the AWF is co-operating with. The crew is very nice, you don’t have to do anything exept for your own work and, not quite unimportant, I didn’t feel sick. It’s also very nice when you’re put together with someone you can get along well with. So I’ve had a great day!