Son Caliu and Santa Cruz

A message of me again! Last Friday I was on the Son Caliu with Katherine. The Son Caliu is a little boat that starts at the harbour of Los Gigantes. Great of course, unless you forget to take your sea sickness tablets in time. Despite of the great weather and the fact that we saw dolphins and whales on both trips, this cruise was not that nice. I was so glad when I touched the solid floor again! We have been on the beach for a moment and then we were taken back home. Because I slept very badly the night before and my back was aching a lot, I went straight into bed after returning at home. I slept for about an hour and after that we had dinner and the meeting. In the evening, Berdie (one of the co-ordinators) organized a quiz. We all had to send her a baby picture of ourselves and she made a presentation with the pictures. Kind of “guess the baby”. We have had so much fun! Afterwards, most of the people went out, but because I didn’t feel well, I decided to stay at home. Besides that, we had the plan to go to Santa Cruz for the next day, the capital city of the island. I went to bed in time so I could get up freshly the next day.

So, Santa Cruz. Not as interesting as we had expected and hoped for, but it was definitely fun! Firstly, we walked around a little bit and afterwards we went looking for some shops. Finally we found a shopping mall with a lot of stores we have at home as well. So that was not very interesting. We went home quiet early, after which we have eaten and have relaxed for the rest of the evening.

On Sunday I had the last dive of my course. That means that I can call myself an Open Water Diver now! While diving I saw some great things again. Very big groups of fishes with the most beautiful colours, kinds of worms which came out of the ground and as soon as you came closer, they disappeared in the ground again and as the icing on the cake, a beautiful sting ray!

That's all for now, see ya!