Teide Challenge

The heaviest, coldest and most exhausting trip of my whole life. That's how you can mention the climb to the top of Mount Teide. At 9 PM we started walking. We made the first four hours by taking short breaks after every half hour. Actually good to do, were it not that, the higher we came, the cold started to play a bigger role. After more than four hours of climbing, we came at a little house where we took a long break in the hall. And on again. At that point, the cold was so heavy that, if we stopped for longer than half a minute, we almost didn't get warm again. So the plan was that we would climb without taking a break until we reached the ending point of the cable car, an hour before the top. We had heard that we could go inside a little house and we wanted to sleep there. But unfortunately, after a three hours climb through ice and snow, there was no house where we could go inside. The only option that we saw at that point, was climbing to the top and sleep on the (apparently warmer) rocks for a few hours. But again unfortunately: the only thing we could find up there, was a freezing cold. Because of the thick mist we couldn't see further than only two meters. Such an anticlimax. We had been climbing for such a long time and we had to ask each other if this was the top.

Two hours we had been laying in our sleeping bags, on the most sheltered spots that we could find, but nevertheless, after two hours we packed our stuff being shivering and literally frozen. Without seeing anything of the "best sunrise" and "the biggest shadow in the world", we started our walk down, determined to take the cable car down to the starting point. Again a setback when we found out that it didn't run that day, because of the thick mist. And so we made our minds up for the big climb down. Until the little house where we stopped on our way up, we went down in one time. In that house we took a lovely, hour-long break while enjoying a hot chocolate. After that break, the mist started to disappear, so the last part of our journey, we could enjoy a beautiful view.

The adrenaline that was flowing through my body when we were at the starting point again and I realized that I really have been on the top of the third highest volcano of the world... That moment is indescribable. Chilled to the bone we came back home and after a long, warm shower I jumped into my bed. After more than 17 hours being on our way, a nice warm bed is priceless!