The closer the moment of departure comes, the more I use the word "last". Thursday was the last time at choir, today I worked for the last day and tomorrow will be the last day in the Netherlands. That sounds really dramatically, but in ten weeks I see everyone and everything again. But still, the closer it comes, the longer ten weeks seems.

Tomorrow I have to pack the last things, those things that you use until the last moment and so they are perfect to forget. I mention a telephone charger, glasses, cleaning tonic which is always in the bathroom... I see myself able to forget those things.
Unexpectedly, I also need to go to the Vodafone shop, because my phone has decided that this is a perfect moment to start doing annoying things... I'm so glad it is a Sunday shopping day tomorrow!!

So... A lot of stress! I wonder if I be able to enjoy my last night in my own bed. See, there it is again: "Last..."